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  Arsene_Lupin scores

SongScoreSupportCommentPictureLast modification
Anubis96.56%no bar x42008-08-13
Bend Your Mind92.60%no bar x32008-09-19
Boogie Down98.16%no bar x22008-05-03
Bouff91.44%no bar x22008-03-29
Bubble Dancer00.00%
Charlene97.31%no bar x32008-09-26
Da Roots99.55%no bar x32008-10-09
Dawn98.36%no bar x32008-05-03
Delirium81.65%no bar x3 yeah!2008-10-16
Disconnected97.09%no bar x22008-07-21
Disconnected -Hyper-93.28%no bar x2,52008-10-16
Disconnected -Mobius-97.10%no bar x2,52008-10-03
Do You Love Me97.34%no bar x3,52008-10-16
Drifting Away99.21%no bar x32008-10-09
Driving Force Classical97.01%no bar x2,52008-07-21
Euphoria66.21%no bar x3 yeah!2008-04-07
Fly Away98.93%no bar x32008-04-19
Fly With Me99.28%no bar x32008-10-09
Flying High99.36%no bar x32008-09-26
Hand of Time98.39%no bar x2,52008-10-11
Hardcore of the North55.00%no bar fail x32008-10-11
Hip Hop Jam98.20%no bar x22008-05-05
Hybrid94.45%no bar x2,52008-04-18
I Think I Like That Sound98.81%no bar x32008-07-05
Infection87.89%no bar x2,52008-06-07
July86.94%no bar x2,52008-09-26
Kagami97.22%no bar x32008-10-16
Kiss Me Red99.24%no bar x32008-10-16
Land of the Rising Sun00.00%
Lemmings on the Run98.16%no bar x32008-06-22
Let My Love Go Blind97.83%no bar x32008-10-09
Mellow95.33%no bar x32008-10-09
My Favourite Game97.60%no bar x32007-06-22
Mythology90.81%no bar x3,52008-09-19
No 1 Nation97.13%no bar x22007-07-15
Oasis92.85%no bar x32008-10-03
On a Day Like Today96.67%no bar x3,52008-11-03
Pandemonium12.88%no bar fail x1,52008-03-29
Queen of Light96.59%no bar x32008-10-11
Remember December95.34%no bar x2,52008-10-03
ROM-eo & Juli899.60%no bar x32008-09-26
Solina98.67%no bar x32008-07-01
Tell68.86%no bar x2,5 yeah!2008-04-19
Tension91.64%no bar x2,52008-10-16
The Beginning92.29%no bar x3,52008-10-16
The Game99.10%no bar x32008-10-16
Touch Me97.86%no bar x32008-05-01
Tough Enough98.08%no bar x22008-06-18
Turn It On99.44%no bar x3,52008-10-03
Utopia94.22%no bar x32008-10-16
Vertex90.49%no bar x1 yeah!2008-07-21
Walking on Fire95.66%no bar x32008-08-13
While Tha Rekkid Spinz99.09%no bar x32008-10-16
Why Me99.50%no bar x3,52008-09-26
Xuxa93.53%no bar x32008-10-16
Zodiac98.23%no bar x42008-10-09
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